Exclusive Treatments

We have at your disposal 4 exclusive treatments: Muchors - Total prosthesis stabilization system, Nobel Biocare implant system, Nobel Biocare guided surgery and Conscious Sedation.

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clinical specialties

We offer several services in the area of ​​dental medicine: Surgery, Aesthetic Dentistry, Bleaching, Prosthetics and Implants, Radiology, among others. See the list of specialties.

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A clinic for life

We provide a quality service and experience in the area of ​​dental medicine in Odivelas. Our goal is to be able to take care of your dental health in an ongoing relationship.

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Exclusive Treatments
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  • Muchors - Total denture stabilization system
  • Implant system Nobel Biocare
  • Nobel Biocare guided surgery
  • Conscious Sedation

New 3D CT and Radiology services available to you!

clinical specialties

Meet our dental services

Fixed and removable prosthesis

Prosthodontics is an area of ​​dentistry that allows the replacement of lost teeth, restoring function, health and aesthetics. The teeth...


Specialization of the Dental Medicine that studies and treats the diseases of the system of implantation and support of the teeth (periodonto).


Dentistry Specialty related to the study, prevention and treatment of bad positioning of teeth and jaws.

Pediatric dentistry and oral health in pregnancy

Specialization in Dentistry aimed exclusively at the treatment of children, adolescents and special patients (patients with ...

Occlusion and joint pathologies

Occlusion is the branch of dental medicine that treats the bite relationships between the jaws and their implications with the attached structures.


Dental implants are "artificial titanium roots" used to replace missing or lost teeth, with the aim of supporting ...

Digital Imaging / Radiology

At Clínica do Chapim you will find the latest generation of radiological diagnostic devices, which allow imaging services exclusively ...

Oral hygiene

Area responsible for the preventive treatments of the Dentistry, with main incidence in the prevention and prophylaxis of the gingival diseases ...


Specialization of dental medicine responsible for the treatment of the dental pulp pathology (commonly known as "nerve") and the tissues ...

Dentistry and Dental Aesthetics

Dental Medicine Area responsible for the aesthetics and restoration of fractured or decayed teeth.

Oral Surgery

Specialization of the Dental Medicine responsible for the diagnosis and surgical treatment of pathologies in the oral cavity.

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Meet our team

Doctors of Dental Medicine
Dr. José Afonso Teixeira
Dr. José Afonso Teixeira
CEO - Clinical Director
of Monte Agraço in 2006, where he has been a Dentist and Clinical Director since then. It has several courses in the areas of Oral Surgery ...
Dr. Alexandra Trigo
Dr. Alexandra Trigo
Medical Dentist
General Dental Medicine, Implantology and prosthesis training on Nobel Biocare implants, Update training in endodontics ...
Dr. Idânia Rodrigues
Dr. Idânia Rodrigues
Medical Dentist
EndoAcademy modular course - Dr Filipe Aguilar, Postgraduate in Periodontology - Higher Institute of Health Sciences Egas Moniz ...
Dr. Leonor Coutinho
Dr. Leonor Coutinho
Medical Dentist
Specific training in Orthodontics, Associate of the Portuguese Society of Orthodontics, Graduate in Dental Medicine by the Faculty of Medicine ...

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